(as stated in the RTA constitution)

  • To prepare Jewish youth as the next link in our illustrious chain of tradition;

  • To encourage Jewish youth to be skilled in the professions and crafts that influence the direction of our nation;

  • To instill into our students the desire and enthusiasm to continue in the pursuit of their Jewishness;

  • To instill into our students fuller understanding of their rich tradition and provide quality education and training in the skills that are necessary for the utilization of the Hebrew language and traditional Jewish texts in accordance with the Written and Oral Law of Torah;

  • To foster Jewish pride and to give children a place to have uninhibited Jewish experiences;

  • To develop enlightened, sensitive, curious, concerned, and responsible human beings who will desire to make significant contributions to the society in which they live, and

  • To provide the opportunity for each student to reach his highest level of achievement and proficiency and to expose children to a wide range of experiences.



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